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Contacting the Résif seismology data center

For questions about accessing data, filling bug reports, masking suggestions, asking for help, please visit our helpdesk ( or send an email to

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Webmaster and communication office

For questions, feedback, or suggestions regarding the data portal features or contents,  send an email to

Contacting Résif data providers

For any questions or feedback related to wafeforms quality, metadata or instruments-related topics, you may browse our Network map to find  contact emails for network managers. Please note that theses email addresses are registered only for DOI-enabled networks. In case you don’t find the appropriate contact information in the  Network map, you may contact our helpdesk ( or send an email to

Coming at Résif seismology data center

The data center staff is located in Institut des Sciences de la Terre  (, Grenoble, France.


Job offers are published on