Web Services

Web Services

Server for Résif webservices


Web services are the base delivery mechanism for most Résif data and metadata[1]

Web services can be accessed in different ways:

The Résif data centre (Résif-DC) exposes five groups of webservices :

  • FDSN webservices (FDSNWS);
  • EIDAWS webservices (EIDAWS);
  • Webservices dedicated to PH5 datasets (PH5WS);
  • Other Résif webservices (RESIFWS);
  • Webservices Résif dedicated to data providers (RESIFSI).

FDSN webservices

The FDSN web services are characterized by common and standardized interfaces and thus constitute a homogeneous means of access to data, regardless of the data center involved. Specifications are accessible on the FDSN official web page.

Résif-DC exposes the four standard FDSN webservices : station, dataselect, availability, event.[2]

The FDSN webservices at Résif are all accessible and documented under the URL prefix :  ws.resif.fr/fdsnws/service/version/

service/versioncommentURL builder
station/1metadata inventory (stationXML or text formats) for time series archived in miniSEED or PH5 formatstation URL builder
dataselect/1time series data in miniSEEDdataselect URL builder
availability/1data inventory (text, json, geocsv formats)availability URL builder
event/1event parameters (quakeML)
Table 1: FDSN webservices

EIDAWS webservices

Résif-DC exposes the EIDAWS wfcatalog and routing services. The specification of wfcatalog can be found  here.

The FDSN webservices at Résif are all documented under the URL prefix :  ws.resif.fr/eidaws/wfcatalog/1/

service/versiondocumentationcommentURL Builder
wfcatalog/1on the Orfeus sitedata quality and metrics  (json format)Wfcatalog builder
routingprovides information about data routing in EIDA by network (xml format). Example
Table 2: EIDAWS webservices

PH5WS webservices

Dense network data in PH5 archive format can be obtained directly in PH5 format by synchronization, or in standard miniSEED format, using the ph5-dataselect web service.

PH5WS web services are accessible and documented under the prefix URL: ph5ws.resif.fr/fdsnws/service/version

ph5-dataselect/1miniSEED data converted from archived data to PH5 format
ph5-availability/1 data inventory for PH5 data (text, json, geocsv formats)  
Table 3: PH5WS webservices

RESIFWS webservices

Résif-DC has implemented additional webservices, whose functionalities have been inspired by the services put online at the IRIS data center.

They are accessible and documented at Résif under the URL : ws.resif.fr/resifws/service/version

timeseries/1time series data  (miniSEED, sac, ascii, png formats)
timeseriesplot/1time series data (png format)
evalresp/1instrument response information evaluated from Résif metadata (ascii or png formats)
resp/1channel response information (RESP SEED format)
sacpz/1channel response information (sac format)
statistics/1data download statistics from Résif-DC (ascii, geocsv formats)
Table 4: RESIFWS webservices

RESIFSI webservices

Those webservices are specifically linked to Résif data and Résif Information System.

They are accessible and documented under the URL : ws.resif.fr/resifsi/service/version

  • Résif-DC distributes the historical and validated collections of the Permanent Accelerometric Network RAP (1995-2013).
  • orphanfile and transaction webservices are dedicated to Résif data providers (members of Résif-SI) who can use them to check the status of their products in the Résif archive, and the status of data and metadata integration transactions.
assembleddata/1RAP catalogue and associated archive files (preassembled data, in text or archive (tar.gz) format
orphanfile/1Data (files names) without metadata in Résif archive. This service is for Résif data providers
transaction/1status of an data or metadata integration transaction. This service is for Résif data providers.
Table 5: RESIFSI webservices

[1]The web services should not be used to retrieve continuous, real time data via repeated polling. Instead, the SeedLink server should be used when continuous data streams are needed.

[2] The event webservice is operated by the RENASS