Résif seismological data center

Data distribution and archiving are supported by the Résif national data center (Résif-DC), located in Grenoble, and co-operated by Institut des Sciences de la Terre (ISTerre), Observatoire de Grenoble (OSUG) and Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA).

Securing seismological data

Résif-DC is committed to host securely all seismological data from Résif-SI.

The responsibility for the data security is transferred from the data producers to the data center as soon as the transaction associated with the data transfer is terminated successfully. With this responsibility, Résif-DC has the right to take all necessary operations that would not modify the data in order to guarantee it’s security.

The data are hosted on the SUMMER storage platform in shared data centers of UGA. Data services are hosted on virtualization platforms of OSUG and UGA (WINTER). The network infrastructures are managed by UGA.

Through a partnership with CC-IN2P3 in Lyon, Résif-DC also stores a complete cold backup of the data archive to the CC-IN2P3 distant mass storage service. This backup is refreshed twice a year.

Distributing seismological data

Seismological data is distributed in the FDSN standards, mainly through web services.

Realtime data streams are distributed with the seedlink protocol.

Providing online services

Résif-DC also develops and host a collection of services to the enduser.

Résif-DC publishes a yearly services and usage report (in french):

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Scheduled downtime for the datacenter

Due to internal maintainance operations, the services hosted at https://ws.resif.fr will be unavailable the 29/11 in the morning (between 8:00 and 11:00 UTC) Real time data distribution will still be online.


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New fdsn-dataselect webservice released

The Résif data centre updates its fdsn-dataselect webservice to version 1.1.1 The main change concerns the evaluation of response sizes to dataselect requests. When the user makes a request to obtain data with the dataselect webservice, the data centre must check that it can deliver the requested data in a reasonable time and without affecting […]