Data and usage policy

Data and usage policy

Data policy

The Epos-France seismological data center (SDC) mostly delivers open-access data and in some cases, restricted-access data from temporary networks. The distribution of open data is our priority concern, and will benefit – in case of resource shortage – from most of our manpower and computing infrastructure capabilities.

  • Open-acess data is available, at any time, from our request engines (FSDN webservicesEIDAseedlink). We also operate a rsync service that makes it possible to download/sync datasets;
  • Mobile (temporary) networks data is often restricted-access for an average time period of three years after the experiment is closed. A login and password is usually required to download this data, after the Principal Investigator of the experiment provides the datacentre with his agreement;
  • Networks metadata is always public. Thus, you may browse full inventories and maps without needing any specific access grant.


Epos-France data sets are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. They can be freely used, re-used and re-distributed, provided that appropriate credit is given to data producers. No additional restriction can be applied to the data sets upon re-distribution. Please refer to the CC BY 4.0 licence text for more details.


Some of the Epos-France data sets have DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) associated with their seismic network according to the standard procedure approved in 2014 by the FDSN.

If you are using Epos-France data for your work (research, engineering, education), you must follow these citation guidelines.

Quality Assurance

  • the delivered data necessarily have associated metadata;
  • the data center does not make any modification on the data that is entrusted to it and delivers them as is
    the delivered data are of different qualities :
    – raw: no quality check is applied;
    – modified/validated: different processes are applied according to the management policy of each network. They can be corrected in time, holes filled, etc. More information

Data services usage policy

Data services from the Epos-Frane SDC are subject to a fair-use policy. Users may use our services as long as client actions do not inhibit our capability to serve others. We hold the right to temporarily suspend users making excessive or anomalous use of our services.