The Epos-France seismological datacenter (SDC) is one of the nodes of the European Integrated Data Archive : EIDA – Orfeus

As an EIDA node, Epos-France (SDC) implements three FDSN webservices (station, dataselect, availability), plus the two specific EIDA services :

  • the Wfcatalog webservice, which exposes various metrics and quality indicators on the data;
  • access to restricted data by the mean of the federated authentification EAS.

The stations of the Epos-France networks are exposed on the federated tool stationBook.

EIDA exhibits interactive visualization tools for data, metrics and quality, availability and instrumental responses.

The Epos-France seismological data are also accessible at EIDA :

  • through the federated tool webdc.
  • by the mean of the EIDA Federator, which provides a single, unified access point to the waveform archives and the station and quality control information from the entire EIDA data holdings, i.e. from all the datacenters in EIDA. Access is through standard FDSN and EIDA web services.