Preassembled datasets

Preassembled datasets

Two collections of pre-assembled data are available at the Résif-DC :

  • the  historical collection of the Permanent Accelerometric Network (RAP). Those data  are associated with events localized by the french Observatories, for the years 1994 to 2013 (included). The data-event association and the quality of the waveforms have been verified by scientist at RAP datacenter. This dataset was consolidated in August 2016 and will no longer be corrected; this means that the metadata in the waveform headers and the instrumental responses used for deconvolution may have changed since 2016, but that these changes have not been reported in the dataset.
  • the frozen historical collection of SISMALP  of short period data for the years 1988 to 2009 (included). These data were used to build the original Sismalp catalogue.

Note on the RAP and Sismalp catalogues mentioned in this section: the localizations provided in these products are being integrated in the French unified catalogue which will be exhibited by the Renass event webservice

RAP historical data

These are waveforms in SAC and ASCII format, grouped by event in the form of an archive (tar.gz format). Data are in acceleration (cm/s/s). The metadata present in the SAC headers are: the location of the event (EVLA, EVLO, EVDP), the agency (USER0) and the magnitude (KUSER0), the location of the station (STLA, STLO, STEL). This metadata is associated with the ASCII data by means of an companion header file.

The RAP event data catalogues and waveforms can be accessed through the webservice:

Examples are :
Events inventory for one month, juanuary 2018, depth -15

Retrieve all the RAP events archive for March 2016

Retrieve a given archive:

Note that the miniseed version of the RAP historical data is also present in the overall miniseed RESIF archive, and can therefore be retrieved through the dataselect and timeseries webservices, specifying quality flag ‘Q’ (quality=Q).

SISMALP historical data

These are waveforms in SAC and ASCII format grouped by event (YYMMDD_HHMNSS directories). The data is in count. The original Sismalp event localization (given in the archive in .tbl files) are either filled in the SAC headers, or recorded for the ASCII format in companion file (.head extension, on file per station).

Those data can be obtained by synchronization. To request access to the synchronization service, please use the form : contact-us on this portal.